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  1. Choose any 4-7g. strains to equal 1 ounce
    Choose any 4-7g. strains to equal 1 ounce
    Mix and match your own OZ. $220
  2. Raspberry Kush
    Raspberry Kush Indica
    7g: $75 14g: $140 1oz. $220
  3. Mk Ultra
    Mk Ultra Indica
    7g: $75 14g: $140 1oz. $220
  4. Ultra Sour 
    Ultra Sour Hybrid
    7g: $75 14g: $140 1oz. $220
  5. Cotton Candy 
    Cotton Candy Hybrid
    7g: $75 14g: $140 1oz: $220
  6. Super Lemon Haze 
    Super Lemon Haze Sativa
    7g: $75 14g: $140 1oz. $220
  7. Blue Dream Haze
    Blue Dream Haze Sativa
    7g: $75 14g: $140 1oz. $220
  8. Ghost Train Haze
    Ghost Train Haze Sativa
    .5ml. $50 T.H.C. Vape Oil
  9. Vanilla Kush 
Indica Dominant
    Vanilla Kush Indica Dominant
    .5ml $50 T.H.C. Vape Oil
  10. Double Tangie Banana
    Double Tangie Banana Hybrid
    .5ml $50 T.H.C. Vape Oil
  11. Strawberry Scare Bears
    Strawberry Scare Bears
    200 mg package $45
  12. Organic Coconut Cannabis  Oil
    Organic Coconut Cannabis Oil
    Top 5 Uses: 1. Cooking 2. Topical Pain Relief 3. Eating 4. Lubricant 5. Moisturizer 200mg THC per oz. 2oz: $30 4oz: $50
  13. 2 oz Bottle 1000mg. THC total
    2 oz Bottle 1000mg. THC total
    Hybrid Alcohol Infused Tincture $70

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